What is warehouseModeller?

  • warehouseModeller is a simple warehousing simulator. It allows you to build virtual warehouses with multiple areas, to test various stock distribution scenarios, to view Warehouse Capacity Utilization as a function of Demanded Quantities, to simulate Warehouse Operations on a basis of user-defined rules, etc.
  • warehouseModeller is a self-contained application implemented as a Microsoft Excel® COM Add-In. It is written in .NET and utilizes unmatched power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel®.
  • warehouseModeller is a collection of worksheets. Each worksheet contains specific information, and therefore has a specific structure.
  • warehouseModeller is a collection of functions activated from a Ribbon Tab. They provide tools to manage worksheets’ data, and to plan automatically.
  • warehouseModeller is almost half way to release. Some of the concepts still have to be clarified , and some of the functions still have to be implemented. Planned period for introduction is mid 2015.