What is supplyPlan?

  • supplyPlan is a planning tool focused on helping you create manually and/or automatically Rolling Supply Plans for a set of SKUs in various Time Buckets on a basis of Initial Stock Levels, and Demanded Quantities. It may take into consideration various constraints like Lead Times, Minimum Order Quantities, Target Stock Levels, Inventory Position, etc. It is also capable of planning supplies for each of the SKUs from multiple vendors. Similar to rollingPlan, and demandPlan, Named Plans can be saved and later retrieved.  
  • supplyPlan is a self-contained application implemented as a Microsoft Excel® COM Add-In. It is written in .NET and utilizes unmatched power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel®.
  • supplyPlan is a collection of worksheets. Each worksheet contains specific information, and therefore has a specific structure.
  • supplyPlan is a collection of functions activated from a Ribbon Tab. They provide tools to manage worksheets’ data, and to plan automatically.
  • supplyPlan undergoes testing and tuning,at present. It is supposed to be released in early 2015.