rollingPlan Worksheets

rollingPlan is a collection of ten interconnected worksheets. Some are more important than others, but it is a must all of them to be presented in the rollingPlan file. It is also essential to keep their names exactly as specified.

rollingPlan worksheets are divided in three groups: BasicMain, and Supplementary.

  • Basic group is a set of tables which describe relationships between Work Centers/Production Lines, and SKUs. They also define Capacity Constraints, and establish values of Open Stocks, and Top Line Parameter’s constraints. In addition to this, they hold data regarding Demanded Quantities, Closing Stocks’ Constraints, etc.
  • Main group consists of worksheets providing the planning functionality.
  • Worksheets in the Supplementary group play important roles in customization, and ensure proper operation of the tool as a whole.

Basic Group.

Basic.WorkCentersAndSkus is the most important worksheet in the Basic group. This table contains relationships between Work Centers/Production Lines and SKUs, as well as corresponding values of Production Rates, Efficiencies, and Minimum Production Lot Sizes. If this worksheet is not correctly populated with data, it will not be possible to build the Main.RollingPlan, and the rest of the worksheets in the Basic group.
Basic.WorkCentersConstraints worksheet contains Available Times per Work Center/Production Line per Time Bucket.
Basic.Demand worksheet stores Demand Forecasts, or Purchase Orders as well as Closing Stocks’ targets per Time Bucket per SKU.
Basic.OpenStocks worksheet sets up values for the initial On Hand Balances per Time Bucket per SKU.
Basic.Param worksheet is similar in structure to Basic.OpenStocks, but it contains values of the Top Line Parameter instead.
Basic.ParamConstraints worksheet is related to Basic.Param. It keeps values limiting the Top Line Parameter per Time Bucket.

Main Group.

Main.RollingPlan worksheet contains a customizable balancing template. It provides the means to easily create Multiple Constraint Rolling Plans.
Main.Plans worksheet is used to store named Supply Plans which can be fully or partially loaded in the Main.RollingPlan.

Supplementary Group.

Dictionary worksheet holds the names, and the formats of all the columns in the worksheets of the Main, and Basic groups along with the names, and the formats of the cells in the Main.RollingPlan worksheet.
Worksheet is employed solely to store temporary tables used during execution of the various rollingPlan’s functions. It is not recommended to place any information on the Worksheet, as almost certainly it will be lost.