demandPlan_logo What is demandPlan?

  • demandPlan It is a planning tool designed to help you build Multiple Stream Demand Plans for a set of SKUs in various Time Buckets over multiple locations. Demand Streams can be related through simple arithmetic operations, and totals can be calculated per SKU, per Demand Stream, etc. It is possible to export totals in a format compatible with rollingPlan, and supplyPlan, and to use them as a basis for generation of Rolling Production Plans, or Rolling Supply Plans. Some basic Forecasting Methods are also available to facilitate the planning process. Named Plans can be saved and retrieved later on. 
  • demandPlan is a self-contained application implemented as a Microsoft Excel® COM Add-In. It is written in .NET and utilizes unmatched power and flexibility of Microsoft Excel®.
  • demandPlan is a collection of worksheets. Each worksheet contains specific information, and therefore has a specific structure.
  • demandPlan is a collection of functions activated from a Ribbon Tab. They provide tools to manage worksheets’ data, and to plan automatically.
  • demandPlan is in a final stage of development. The first version is planned for release in early 2015.